terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

A sailor's journey

"This world is so blind, so hard to embrace. The truth is so hidden, the silence is so deep. And deeply disturbed am I, lack of sleep has made me this way. Usurped of words I present myself to you. You are to me more than a distant memory of a naked body on a bed, more than those white silk breasts that make me sink more and more into you. Ignore the truth of the wooden buildings that you can see from your room's window, ignore the physical distance between us. It is nothing once you see how deep the ocean can be. Though there's a storm in front of us, the waves that clash against the ship don't have any effect at all. Even the gods of the Wind help us, guiding us closer to our goal. Closer to land and closer to you, soon enough I'll be in your arms.
I can't really tell how far I've sailed or where I've been. In my mind I was always with you, by your side. I still carry the memory of my last night with you. You said to me, 'Tempting is your chest and comforting are your arms but unforgiven is your absence and my nights henceforth restless. I'll wait for you by my room's window, staring at the doves in the sky like a widow looks at her husband's empty side of the bed and how a wife looks at her house's door waiting for her husband to arrive.' My heart froze that moment and my words left me. All energy gone from me but an exit existed. I turned my back at you, went out the door and left you crying, my own eyes with tears of their own.
The storm has reached our ship and wooden pieces are torn to bits. The wind has changed sides and is now against us. It cuts the skin, it gets deep into the bones. I fear that the sea will slow me, I fear that I won't get to see you smile again. I ..." - And then there's a long line. I suppose that this was the end of him! - said the maid.
They read the letter to me. They found him on a beach somewhere. His ship was torn to pieces and no survivor was found. He never came back to me. He never saw me smile again. He never saw me cry again. Only my walls can see me crying now. Only the -
A bang of a wooden door, loud voices below, steps on the stairs, deep, hard, fast. Then her room's door is open and he appears, eyes wide open, gasping for air, no, gasping for her. She jumped from her bed and changed her tears for a smile, opened her arms and jumped towards him. In a silent embrace they stood for a while before he held her hand and took her away from there.
This is the sailor's true journey. Not one of bravery and strength but of courage and will of the soul.