quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Burning bridges

Bridge burning and there's only enough time to cross it by running. Bellow the river runs furiously, a hundred kilometres away, hiding the rocks, involving the darkness, witnessing death. The time to talk is over, the guns have been shown, the teeth in a grin and grinding. Everything went wrong as the west wind blew the sand to cover the eyes. The anger of men, their pride and fury, will their final downfall. I quietly watch the battle run its course from the other side. Can't seem to shake the feeling of being there at the same time. All the talk for none of the action, silence will dominate the bloody battlefield as swords clash.
Bridge burning and I can't seem to grab a hold of anything to save me. Too many ropes have been cut, too many wood planks have already fallen to the abyss. The dark, burnt bridge stands there as a representation of what once was. In its youth it was something strong, something that nothing could shake. As time passed rain came and sun cleansed it of the heavy drops. Degradation became part of the usual circle of the seasons. No one cared, everyone was far too busy burning other bridges and using the remnants to mend others and build new ones. Left to stand alone, the bridge started burning when it finally decided it was time to be forgotten.
Bridge burning and I grab to a rope, pull with all my strength and try to make a knot around the trunk on my side. The rope pulls me to the abyss as the west wind takes flight once again. Eyes closed, facing the darkness. The only light in the fall is of the fire that slowly consumed the bridge, now ceasing its existence as it falls into the water and rocks. In the fall I see the faces of all the deceased that died in the burnt bridge. Their grins, their laughter, the way they scream and shout "you're one us, you've always been one of us" has me shaking my heading and screaming no. The bridge is still burning and I wonder if there's time to put out the fire. There's a river approaching me.

Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning