quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2015

Tell No Tale

The end of things is the expected death of the soul. Something fades and all of a sudden you're in the fog that gives and takes life. You wish to see it wither, you wish it'd last long after the buildings and the concrete that surrounds you. You're framed by your expectations. One way or another you lose. 

A shadow stands in the middle of the street. The fog covers all and the light is dim. Still the little girl approaches, curiosity conquering the fear. The shadow mumbles something to the air.

- The lines intertwine and form a knot. There's no logic in this. What's the purpose? There's nowhere to go, nothing to follow...

- Hello. Are you lost?

Two white spheres fly around the seemingly round shape of the shadow, finally stopping as if forming two lines looking straight at the little girl. It sees the shape of a little human, hood over the head protecting the head from the falling snow and the cold, gloves on her hands that so strongly hold and protect the brow teddy bear that protects the little girl. The two spheres fly over the shape and scrutinize the little girl.

- An anomaly. A strange anomaly. Hello, little girl. Are you lost?

- No, I live here right there. You're strange. Are you lost?

- Not lost. Confused maybe. Is this life?

- Of course it is, silly. The moon, the starts, the light, even the fog. But the fog is scary.

- Really? I find such a fog a rare comfort in my travels. Would you be kind enough explain to me life?

- Life is a camp of flowers, it's sleeping in bed with teddy, it's looking at the stars at night.

- I heard you only live once.

- Yes, but once it starts it's forever.

The shadows lost its round shape and took on the form a tall human.

- I'm puzzled. How can it be forever?

- Because in life you find one love. Once you love it's forever. And if you lose it, well, then you're really dead. For life without love is impossible.

- Does it hurt?

- Life? No. Love? My mommy says that sometimes yes, other times no. But she always loves me. Death is the worst though.

- And how do you know you're alive?

- Because I love my teddy. He's my best friend. He's warm at night and he's kind to me and he never hits me back if I hit him. He's always there for me, no matter how much I hurt him.

- I see. I am not dead then. For I love something. But I seemed to have reached a point of no return where I can never get it back.

- Why not?

- I don't grasp it completely. But it seems to be one of those grown-up things where if you love it you have to let it go.

- That's stupid.

The shadow seemed to look at the girl with a startled look. The spheres flew over to its back and he mumbled on.

- Not an anomaly. It's but the cold grasp of death pulling me nearer to its side.

With this it disappeared into the fog as if it had been nothing but a strange dream, a tale you should never tell.

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