terça-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2017


Why would you leave? The hearth is lit, the shadows dance over our feet as we hold each other closely, taking in the heat, protecting us from the humid cold of the winter night outside. It has come sooner this year. But regardless we have the sheets to warm us, the body heat to keep us together, the silence to communicate, only words to tear us apart. Why then would you leave? You could stay and enjoy the winter, see the leaves fallen and the trees naked. To just be, just exist, just breathe in my bed, let me see your skin shine under the light of the fire, allow me to relish your presence. You've been gone too much and I now know not what to think. My room feels like a grave of memories of the times you've spent here. I was able to look at you then, to admire your beauty, wonder what it was that brought you to me. But you've been gone for too much time now and I wonder what you think. Please tell me you're lost, shout so I can hear you, I'll come and get you.
You see, lately I've been burning. The colder it gets the warmer I get. My rage acts up, but this cold weather envelops me, gathers my attention and directs me to the early night to find peace. Lately I've been wanted. But I'm still waiting. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm just holding on until you come back again. This is survival for me. But surviving isn't much. Even knowing it's not the same to you as it is to me, even knowing I'm probably holding on to something that isn't there, I just remember your smile much too fondly to fall out now. I keep holding on to see you again, kiss you, watch your hips dance at my touch. This isn't living, it's barely breathing, but it's my way to believe that something in you will change. Maybe then you'll stay. I'll keep the fire burning.

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