segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2007

Make me feel

What if I told you I want so desperately to die that I could stand alone in the light of die, burning my flesh and bones to the core and realising my soul to the unknown future and to the void of the Universe? Would you comfort me? Would you kill me? Would you leave me behind because you just can't get anymore of my self pity lamentations, just to feel that someone cares? I can't forget the pain that I left behind, I can't forget the one's from my childhood and my horrifying nightmares that scared my brain. I can't see nothing at all besides the shadows of my dreams, consuming me, eating me and letting my soul to the nothings of my former self.
Because I'm so tired of being here sited, doing nothing at all besides the usual boring things, the things that make me want to kill myself. Take me to that special place that you call life. Bring to me the pleasures of Heaven, the Angelical sounds that fill my hears replacing the sounds of Hell. Let me enjoy the Heavy Metal band playing while I slowly die without no one around me knowing or even caring. Let me lay on the floor while the blood that stains my shirt continues to the ground, making you jump.
Make me bleed. Make me feel sorrow, make me feel happy, simply make me feel. I live trough the pain, solitude and death inside. I feel nothing more now than the feeling of self love. Make me feel.

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