terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2007

River of Life

Wash my sins in the river of life. Hunters of Death seek to capture my soul, bounty hunters search my body in the deepest zones of the river, the holes of the washed away tears. In the city of the memories, love is the image in the mirror when you're wild in life. Called a rebel for those who take the life of the saints to achieve nothing more than an illusion.The liberty of souls can take away our dreams to neverland, torture our hopes until we are nothing more than a broken mirror laying in the sand, waiting for the rain. The river continues to the end of the world.
Saved my soul from certain doom, but continue I will not for the road is too long and hard, my legs are weak and my blood thirst is growing. The sun burns my skin and my own shadow is running away from me, fearing for my sake and for it's existence. To the end of the world I follow my own ideas, my own rules and my will to die. Such a fool I've been ever since I've seen the shadows of terror and nightmares, the will to be stronger and something more than a simple human. But this life's commitment as brought me to the knees, staring at the feet of someone else that I'm still hoping to find. Certain death awaits me in the river of life.
Held my head up high for so long but couldn't see the Hell beside me. I've been so blind for so long that I couldn't see the efforts that my soul as made to free itself from this prison to which we call body. I ignored all the pain and anger inside me and now it's all just coming out, making others suffer for no reason. No one to blame. Nothing more to hope or wait except for the Apocalypse to take us all to that special place that we belong. May Death come and take us away to where we want to go, where the never-ending site fills our hearts. Because you seek joy and eternal life, I look for an exit from my fate. May the river of life guide me.
Let me be your guide, let me conquer your hearts, let me take your souls, let me dive you into the river of life once again, to re-exist, to re-fill the world of pain until the sun explodes.

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