sábado, 8 de junho de 2013

Claiming our innocence

[Tuatha Dé Danann:]
Mother, every child bleeds. Mother, every child cry. Mother, just let it be, just let every child playing on the street be free to tear their skins and cry a little, laugh a lot and making memories. See the tanks in the horizon, on the green hills. See them tear the field open as they open the skies with their smoke. Watch the plains fly, firing at each other, destroying each other, crashing on the floor. See them and fear. Fear for them and what is to be left of the land. Don't fear for scraped knees.
Mother, watch the smoke arise and abide to the voice in your head. Go into the shadows, hide. Save what you can but not everyone. The roof over your head will collapse, the walls that sheltered you from rain and wind will fall. Run, run to your basement and by the light of the candle read books to quiet your little ones. Hide from the big machine that wonders through the sky, opening doors in its belly and letting loose the children of destruction and death.
Mother, let us out, let us go. We'll go to the streets, to the seas, to the skies. Claiming our innocence from houses on trees, under the tearful skies, watched over by ourselves alone, no false god to pray to, no dark ambition and lies to fill our hears. Let us make our voices hear, our screams echo through the fields, razor blades that cut the ones who brought wars to our streets.

[Spirits of the world singing in unison:]
Mother, let them play, let them fall, let them cry, we say let the children go.

I'm all alone and the night is so cold. All that I sought, the peace that I once brought, all gone and long have the people forgot the ways of the children. But children grow up and men rule the world with an iron fist and iron weaponry. I'm long forgotten, cold and lonely, a trail of some left in between stars, watching plans revolver and evolve, men submitting to their most basic of instincts. Mother, let them go and watch them die. Soon you'll die as well and they'll lay your body in the earth. Then, only then, will you join me. I'll meet you with open arms, you who conceived with open and legs and willingly accepted the seed of hate. You held it at your breast and fed it. So will I do the same one day, when all men are dead and nature takes over their concrete buildings. The walls will crumble, their money green colour of Nature will cease to exist. So, mother, let them go and play. A scrapped knee is nothing once compared to what the planet has suffered.

Can I take anymore? Can I hold them some more? All leave, like the leaves fall from the tree. I'll be that tree in the end. Withered, empty, cold, suffering the winter of life alone and naked. But standing I will die and lying will I go to the earth. New life will broth from me. But my eyes you shall not see anymore, my tears you won't be able to console. Go now and live your life, my children. Leave me to my autumn, you who were my summer.

Pain of Salvation - King of Loss

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