domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016


The rain is idle from this starry night. The crumbled buildings gave way to shattered glass and dreamless slumbers. The sky above as dark as the ground beneath. Atop the hill one stares at the sky, seeking for answers, praying to some false man-made god. As my world died, so did my beliefs. So I grew in this withered, perilous world. Ashamed of my past, I ran. Ashamed still, I grew to be suspicious and to hate everyone and everything. If only I didn't miss what I barely remember. Sunny days under the cover of bliss. Surely something must've been wrong then. But they hid it. They never told me. I used to go to sleep to dream of the happy day that the morrow would bring. I knew no worries. But corrosive the loneliness was inside me. I never forgot it. I know it still. It's my best friend, never leaves my side. As I throw a smile away I remember that this is just another day. My mind has to end for my soul to fly again. The monumental fell. It will rise again next week. Further silence to be noticed. I dive myself deep within me, exploring deeper still, seeking some place to hide and stay until it's safe to live.

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