segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

Drifting from Utopia

Only those who don't know Utopia write its name. It's land of the equal, the land of the same. Same colours, same rights, same laws. Personality it's a flaw, individuality is banished. You can break the law yet still walk "freely". But you cannot be happy. I've seen it with my eyes. Touched it with my hands. You can feel the shame of the slaves. The indifference of the free. Their wits, abundant, without doubt, are outclassed by their lack of humanity. In that cursed island only despair did I feel. Trapped in land surrounded by water with living dolls. Their eyes are empty, their smiles are hollow. They feel nothing. Only turmoil could conquer that land and make it human again. For it is human nature to crave and cause chaos. To disrupt Nature's order is our own nature. Utopia breaks that basic human instinct. Utopia is not a place of freedom, of perfection, of peace. Utopia is the very definition of human chaos. The standstill of human's evolution.

I dare say, as I slowly drift from the island, free of its torments, that it's a nightmarish sight to see such calculated civility. Meritocracy without doubt. But also the corruptibility of such a perfect life that it has forgotten the basic law of nature. The strong against the weak. Do the wolves not hunt the rabbits? Are the bears not wolves' natural foes? Do we all not turn to dust once we're dead? So quickly and feverish did they look to seek out and erase all that's unclear and evil in this world that they forgot where they came from and where we all end. For mortality is what defines us. We should embrace it. Live with it. But they spurn from this basic law of nature. Immortality is reserved to the trees and skies. Stones, however, can be broken for they are without soul. Stones can be thrown, utopians have done it so when shaping their walls. They are those stones. Without soul. Corrupted when trying to clean themselves of the shame of humanity. Corrupting still when paying their foes to fight their wars and wars of others, to die foolishly while they seat and feast with empty glasses and empty laughter. Maybe this is a hint of humanity. Maybe this is their ray of humanity. Slowly am drifting from their island as the sun shines from between the clouds and I do dare to hope. Hope one day I'm safe from the madness I here saw. Hope one day people will know the true Utopia, the empty and delusional Utopia.

Epica - This is The Time

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sónia fernandes disse...

this is my favorite part, a very good definition of the character of you Utopia land
"But also the corruptibility of such a perfect life that it has forgotten the basic law of nature."