segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

The Great Perversion

You appear in front of me with white silk, neck showing veins that I crave, wanting to sink my teeth in to see the blood flow down into your laced cloth, as I lower my hand to pull your skirt down and...
I want your blood to boil, your heart to explode, to see you covered in blood and innocence, tears in your eyes and love in your lips. Desire and will to sacrifice, all for me in an obscene yet beautiful way.
In a bed of serpents we fall and lose ourselves, after enduring the sea of thorns, an attempt of punishment for the vows made in Avalon of life and love eternal. To leave this path would be to burn the souls that we took so long to paint grain to match the deep blue sky.
Of all the things on this Earth, as we rot into a state of human futility and decadence, hands to the sky, we shout the first words that bring apocalypse upon all for they sold their souls to false ideals and imprisoned the thoughts and souls that were once considered their by birth right.
A great perversion I feel for you as Samhain comes and we gather the provisions of the soul for the Winter Solistice. I entitle my perversion of "Love" for that is what your solid blue eyes expect from me.

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