sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

A Girl and Wolf - part I

Yesterday was the last time that I barked at the moon with tears coming down from my eyes. To be honest, it was the last time that my fur got wet under the rain. Yes, I was a wolf. I'd say a werewolf or a lycan but to be honest, I like wolves way better. But back to the main point. She saw me bark for the last time. Perfect full moon, somewhere in the middle of the forest, I was wounded. Not physically wounded, wounded at heart, at mind, at soul. I was lost. But she found me in my darkest hour. A little girl. A brave, lost little girl who roamed the forest in pursuit of some wood for her fire, she told me when I growled at her. I was taken by surprise. Her pure blue eyes, her clean blonde hair under a dark grey cap, cream white skin and mouth open with little breaths seen on ice. I moved towards her, eyes glaring and teeth showing. At first she got scared and dropped the few wood sticks that she had in her arms but then she stopped and smiled.

'Hi, wolfy.' - she looked at me with excitement and one hand reaching for me. Giving little steps on the snow she walked towards me, fearless. Whatever was in me of a hunter didn't see her as a prey. Again, I was lost. Her hand reached and petted my head. I felt the comfort and the warmth. I felt something else that I couldn't explain at the time. She picked her wood sticks and went back the way she came, smiling with her nose red from the cold. I stayed behind a while and started trailing her to see where she lived. I was a protective wolf then, the transformation in me had just started. She had something special, my instincts told me. I followed her through trees and bushes until I saw a little house made of stone, smoke coming out of the chimney. I observed it silently as she turned around and looked at me smiling, waving.

'Bye, wolfy' - she giggled and turned around, entered the house and I saw her no more that night. I settled near the house where I found a rabbit hole with rabbits I could feed myself of. During the days I saw nothing, at night a man came and a man went but the little girl was late to show until a night when screams came from the house and I saw her fragile body being tossed out by a drunk man, angered at life who had given him all he deserved. He stepped out with rage in his eyes and cowards' strength in his fists. I moved toward for his throat.

Type O Negative - Wolf Moon 

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