sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

A Warm Winter's Night

I knew December to be of pain,
Dry bones under wet skin,
Of tears or rain I don't differ,
Of isolation and failure I say myself.

My head bubbling under water,
The grey skies resembling a lake,
Dark streets in which people drown
Sorrow and ignorance - anvils to bury them deep.

I knew December to be all this and now it's gone,
Changed as the weather that came and went,
Sunny as a late Summer's day,
Cold as this ordinary Winter night.

I knew December well but now it has changed,
Conquered my heart and skipped a beat,
A warm Winter's night indeed
Spent in a tight bed clenching together,
Saved from December and its dark corners.

Queen - A Winter's Tale

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