quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009


A fool today, you'll be a fool everyday.
Yearning for the change to come and burn the desire,
Awaiting to death to come and take you to the infernal fire.
Still, I'm standing still, for the right cause, for the right to be and to breath.
So cold,
This distance has got me old,
So I think of you and I destroy myself in a spiral of thoughts.
Imprisonment, dark caress in this cage,
The halo burning above my head,
Changing lights as I change the sorrow for melancholy.
And time stops,
And I stop with it, longing for you and your touch.

Trapped by own will to my own self.
Drowning innocence,
Spending my time with you in a strange silence of a lie.
Absorbing insanity,
And quitting this fight.
So shame come on me and let the primal desire, a carnal temptation
Of a abstract painting to paint itself with dead colours.
And a gallery of frozen pictures,
Showing down the hallway
The blood of the souls and the touch that you gave me.

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