quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

A shell of lies

Thou art nothing more than something special to me.

And the distance, the cold nights, the stupidity of this fight are nothing more than pain. Surreal, unreal, this cold that covers my spine and goes through my lungs. Frozen, shortness of breath, I faint, falling to a darkness with no dreams, where nights pass along with no rest. Even though my eyes are closed, my mind is awake and so am I. The music keeps playing my feelings and the short memories of you are the wounds that burn through out the night and life. Once again deserted, failed to communicate how much I loved you. The words would play in my mind yet they wouldn't come out of my mouth into your ears and heart. Such a cold, I couldn't resist and succumb to this emptiness. And so I dirge into another insomnia in this psycho state - I repeat to myself, this is just another twist in life. This darkness burns all around me and I'm still so cold.
Keep me warm through this snowy times. Let us play like angels in white surface as the serpent rest along in the piece of our joy. Let the trees build society in the perfect away, in harmony of certain destruction. We'll be the parents of the revolution inside of the steel. And even though the tears won't break the building, we'll find peace in our own little selves, the Universe we've built. At the sunshine of our insanity, the rainbow of our loneliness, we couldn't have enough to give to have something to take. Construct the measurements to this distance and my fragility loops, timeless. And timelessly, I drift from a sea of rage to a land of melancholy. All because the snow keeps falling and I don't see your wings here nor the serpent's eye in the corner.
I'm chained to this curse. Definitely lost inside the same spiral, spinning over and over and over. Even the green seems purple to me now, distorted as my mind is. The only thing still clear inside this haze is the love that you made me feel and without mercy took to a sewer. Acknowledge that our times have passed, pitiless, shallow me. Counting cards to the downfall of the river, so shall I pass away into the spirits realm and hunt your passion at nights of Summer. In a Sun-yellow day, I'll chase you to the shadows and there find you naked, awaiting my phantasm touch. But my hands pass right through your skin and I sink in sorrow, almost poltergeist, you save me from self-destruction.
Leave the seas of the Mediteranian winds and travel to African wastelands, there you'll find the warmth I couldn't give you. Amidst the deserts find the wreath to dig a river and destroy what the Goddess has created. Follow you destiny of discerniment, desrespectful child of my passion. Proceed into the elite change of the warrior, find the blood to transform this demon in a complete imortal waste. Ashamed not to resist such a weak way to be with you again. Can't I just run into a blackhole and hide? Tell me I'm more than a petal in the rose that you are. I'm unable to keep up with this pain, put my eternal life to an end. It tires me so, having to run all the time, to hide my face and to still be judged by my silence. Let my twisted and pale hand go, I shall dream the dream again and never awake.

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