quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

A soul inside

Sometimes I miss you, those times are too much of pain to remember, those long ago times when we smiled together. Divinity crushed into infinity, a stars dream was our own and we stood on foot in the dead of the night. Without shame, we defied the skis, without fear, our heads crashed together creating a blind light. Although miles apart, we were glued to each other in heart and soul. And there was something special there, in a little time before the carfue of the soul. Then I felt stricken, now I'm just numb.
You felt like cancer to me, a dead weight that a strict diet couldn't kill. I drove through this land of forsaken mistakes and renewed the mountains with flowers of disdain and ignorance. I travelled in the fog, I consumed this evaporated water drops, all for the same old errors that a regular human should do. I wanted to see your blue sea eyes, caress your blond hair and to feel... simply feel. And I ran, distancing you from my carnal and soul intentions, I feared the change. I would preserve my emptiness. So I picked up my guitar and got on my way straight home.
Oh the sadness and the grieve I felt inside. Now the news related your death and your suicidal note was dedicated to me, with more love in each letter that I could ever feel for you. Your southern speech, the wind you brought along with you heat, when will I be able to defy the Moon again? Without your hand in mind, I'm a piece of cold and relentless fear, wishing you were here to punish and love me with your tender lips. You were the best torture that I felt and never again shall I feel again. Under this rain, I write words to you that are washed away and forgotten by the world but you shall never die inside me.

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