quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009

A freezing death

A death in the whisper of the wind, blood rejected in the wound, malice that never sleeps in this eyes. Ethereal battle inside repeated through out ages that more seem like nights of blindness and confusion. The dagger sinks deeper inside and finds only a bleeding heart to empty veins. Freezing body, white in ice, so far yet a reflecting bellow my feet. Discovered a letter bellow the ice and still I see her tears in it as I imagine her writing those words, lost in her loneliness. Amidst the honesty, there's a sign of pain, a rage for failure, atonement for her weakness to fall on her knees that night into my lips. And as I fell for her, she fell inside and became a broken toy once more. I reached a helping hand in my mind but to realise that I wouldn't be satisfying anyone but my self. Destroyed her, she left me. And with the letter in one hand, the dagger in the other and tears in her eyes, she killed herself.
A story is to be told. It was Spring, yet a summering vision was brought before me. In that camp of flowers where the deserts die, she was walking to no-where. Her lips moved and constructed a signal of lunacy but her eyes where as seductive as a serpents bite. I couldn't, I shouldn't resist this temptation. So I walked for what seemed to be countries of distance. She walked head down, never noticing me. And despair took over, she was in another world, building alone her Universe. In a wave of the wind her hair fell down so her hand moved and her head went up. Our eyes crossed but she flew away as quickly as my I almost died in that moment. But I couldn't resist, I had to fell her touch, had to be inside of her and kiss her lips. As the day submit and the day reign there, I moved through the flowers towards her. She was my only objective, I had to love her. This flowers ended and I walked in a graveyard where the only colour is grey and the Moon doesn't come out to play. Surrounded by her ghosts, depression has been put aside and a vast felling of nothing raised and dominated. I just had to yell my name but I was mute. In her mind only love exists. Grabbed her hand and ran from there.
Now in the Summer, we've built smiles together and the music was no longer mine, it was ours. I honestly could think that June was a day away from eternity. So it is still in my death bed and in my mind. She'd have conquered my heart and my soul but left me speechless. No matter, I had her hand in mine and her lips in my mind. Her head, her lines, hypnotic, frantic. Addicted, I couldn't breath. In our house, near the lake, we fell in joy and in love, swimming towards the horizon, never reaching the end. But breath should do no harm, she left me behind. She was still in her mind and in her Universe. In all truth, I believed in her. But she left. The house was empty and a could Autumn would stay in her place. No tears to replace the lake of summer in this house, she had fled once again to the graveyard. And a Autumn it took for me to get there again. Her sight was now a mirage, more beautiful that ever but with even a bigger despair created in me. And the distance was real, so I knew from the snow.
We entered the freezing Winter. How I missed the snow. Mute tears came from her eyes as she fell to her knees. She had spotted me as I walked forth in all my love and selfishness. I couldn't let her be, I tried to change her. And she yelled, for the first time I heard her voice. In fear and respect I stayed away. With one look she told to me that love was gone, only death would be with her in her acquaintance. So I flew away with the wind, fallen leafs cutting my skin but her words killing my soul. In mind I stayed there all night to make sure she would survive the cold but the body refused to move. The hate wouldn't let me swim again and the pride wouldn't let me think of her. But still I loved her in the cold and empty bed. And so I missed her, dying little by little inside. With a whisper of the wind I came to the lake to find her letter frozen and her body on the ice. The dagger had hit where no one else touched, her heart. And the tears in the letter underlined that I was her heart and soul, her body only needed rest. So I died with her, at the sharp hands of that dagger.

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