domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Background, life and purgatory

Sitting naked by the edge of the fog, hearing the soft music that the waves bring, waiting the news from a son who loves his mother and his motherland, who gave up is nature and pride for the warmth that only a mother can bring. Loneliness for my present life and despair for the fear that my memory brings of the life that I struggle to past, I'm watching this fog in hope of a better future.
A free spirit shines through the dark of my mind. Some kind of beauty that has the ability to conquer even the most flawed of humans. I walk this dark tunnels in her presence, unable to feel her warmth but happy to kill the loneliness. From the beginning to the end, this pleasure comes with the sweat and blood of this disfigured demon. And the shadows remain, the wind blows with rage and brings the rain. I walk all this miles to continue through the boat to the safety of Her shores. Mother, give me shelter from my sins and my fears.
My intent leads me to Your door. I sit and wait judgement upon my soul as I pledge for my safety from the world of embers that wants to devour me into it's ignorance. I feel I'm falling, failing to secure the entrance to eternal rest. Hands to the sky, knees sinking between rocks and finding water. Kissing the rain and crying, I scream in pure despair and innocence, let me find a new life, let me carry on, give me shelter from myself.

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