terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

The uprising stalls and gives space to people's will

The night was of abundance,
The king laughed and danced in ignorance,
The betrayal came in hand
As the crown was taken from his head.

Darkness covered the kingdom and people lived in fear,
His hopes and passions were thrown to the sea
With the death of their sovereign and their brother
Came to rule that bloodthirsty and angry child, a soul's and heart's robber.

Withered from love,
Ignoring the flight of the white dove,
The symbol of freedom and peace in this kingdom's flag,
Now as significant as the dirty that the river drags.

Free of individual will,
This kingdom's people go for the kill,
Of the born with malice that no one could save,
That malice took him to the grave.

And in the early morning
There was no mourning,
Evil was banished from this land
And the the castle was condemn by the betrayal to be derelict and turned to sand.

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