segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

By the shore

Somewhere I believe, a home made of joy and warmth. I exist through that hope, at the gates of the river that greets me with it's natural beauty and coldness in the morning. In shallow existence, I ignore my shadow and welcome the rain in a night of silent solitude and longing. I've missed my evil and mischief, my destruction and anger. Taken for granted, this child stepped out of home into the pouring rain to recover what it was once lost.
Under the Moon light, a blessed chant drove me here. Conquered my soul and mind, controlled my body and created and rapture between my fatigue and my objective. And now I leave this world in a quiet bleeding to an immortal life in the shadows of their minds. My room is small and the light dim but nowhere I rather be but by the shore watching the waves turn around my perspective and the sound of breaking water tearing apart the innocence along with the screams of my progenitors.
Breaking the barriers, discovering the reason of this existence, as I paint my picture with the blood of my ancestors whom lie lifeless in the floor. I found a secret, hush and listen to the wind, it guides me away. Awaiting the adrenaline to kick in, I rush outside and discover delight in the fire that burns my body. In the end of my life, in the final destination of my journey I kneel before the sea and thank the stars for the life I once had. I find my conscience both torturing and a blessing. I give in to the pain and launch myself to the waves. A merciless death for a loveless life by the shore.

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