quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010


So begins the hunt...
The look of God from below, roaming endlessly the seven seas, exploring the vast blue skies, scavenging through green madows and grey mountains. I looked the world for answers, for who I am, who I'm destined to be. More than a blasphemy, more than a body and a mind, a genetic part of another human. I find my tears the same as rain drops, my joy the same as a Summer breeze, my sorrow as a Winter night and my birth as the coming of the Fall. The Spring inspires me to rebel, against myself and all I know. Gives the free will and the will to run thought the explored meadows. But I am fearful. Fearful that I contain no joy or sorrow, that it is all artificial or temporary. I stopped seeing things as fair and unfair a long time ago. I stopped taking sides. So I won't fear more of the rain or the wind. I will fear for myself, one day, one black Winter day, when I am lonely and try to escape that feeling of emptiness.
This world is empty. Now I find myself wondering if I let everyone down and they have fled to another planet. Was this not enough, did I not give it all? I walk, ever seeming to be tired. The day passes by, the Sun shines only for me, the Moon weeps me a serenade. I seem more lonely than ever yet I find no reason to cry. The world is beautiful, no concrete, no tall buildings preventing the Sun from shinning, only huge meadows, green lands that belong to no hands of greed. And I roam on to the fury of the seas, it all is justified by all the negative energies that were let go before the world was re-built. Re-built. But by who? To who? To me? I'm the only one here, does that mean that I was the creator? Or am I the objective of the creation? Doesn't matter right now, redundancy and weakness surrounds those questions. I move along under the blackened skies, clouds filled with rain. I don't feel myself crying yet there are water drops falling from my eyes. I find myself to be lost with no horizon in front of my eyes. Yet I do not fear, I feel myself all and going to my source.
Satisfied with all this, I approach a strange land. Desert as the rest of the planet is. I contemplate upon this in front of me. It is quite a vision, an exotic island with new plants, new animals, new reasons to be. I'm alone with animals yet that makes me happy and calm. The vast silence conquers my soul and I come upon an epitaph. I will name this Earth and leave it. This is the age of the animals, they will do a better job than humans. Illudo, I rejoyce upon my creation and go to the deep seas, off to explore the deepest blues and find new life there. Ilujya, you are the new God of this earth, rule well mighty and wise wolf-God.

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