segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Vicious Circle

She's dreaming of a better place, another pillow to rest her head, a more comfortable bed to lay her body and drift away in dreams of green pastures, castles and princes. She's closing her eyes and saying goodbye to the night, all her scars and all the pain that she feels are overwhelming, taking over her thoughts. Slowly losing control of her consciousness, no more beatings tonight, with alcohol in his breath and frustration and anger in his voice. She just doesn't believe that this is her reality, she can't accept that her fate is including such pain. "So unfair!" - she thinks this once again before sleeping.
Someone to dance the night away, to wish all the pain erased is in vain, all the body is sour, her face just doesn't recognize a sign of peace, she pleads again to the sky for a more peaceful life. She follows the way back home, hides in her room, locks herself in while he's on the other side crying and asking for forgiveness. In her mind she knows he'll do it again, her heart just doesn't bear the distance from her own father. So she unlocks the door, opens it up with a smile and a "I forgive you" so that he can hug her and stop crying, making fake promises that it won't happen again, he'll never touch her again. She closes the door, lies in her bed looking to the blue sky outside and thinks - "He'll be better this time, I know" - but the night won't take long to come.
It's a vicious circle that takes over this life. The bruises of yesterday are just passing but today he comes to make new ones. And she cries, begs him to stop, lying on the floor so desperate while he screams - "It's all your fault!" - leaving the room. She crawls back to her bed and lays there in the fetal position, crying and wishing to the moon an exit. Falling asleep she'll think - "So unfair!". So sweet the melody of the nocturnal wind that takes her away. In dreams she travels away, alone, free. And she wakes up right where the dream had left her, happy with a new fate, escaping her house of horror, evading the same vicious circle that had been her life for so long... too long.

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