segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2008


I feel running inside of me, layers of lies, tales of the mind, webs all tangled, covering the floor.
Hours drown by hours, days falling for days, skies destroyed by bombs falling all over the place.
Despair rules in the eyes of those that cannot see, blindness sticks to the point of insanity, preaching humility.

A quest to find gold in the darkest cave, to save the starving, to feed the homeless, to abandon those who once left us behind.
Sleeping trough walls, dirt contaminating my dreams, powerless over the enchantment, the spell that you got on me.

Reckless destruction, freedom means, pursuing the dream of infinity.
Rage inside, a few words to speak, releasing the talent or die to try to be free.

Ages of infection, hiding the disease, creating death, spirit trapped in the ground, closely watched by the hounds.
Silence in order, anarchy to be found, a blood to be followed, into the depths of Inferno.

A cross burning in flames, given out as a sacrifice, a semi-god fake, eaten and beaten.

Scared, untalented shit, no dark corner to hide, only a soul to survive... you
A black winged human-demon, a fantasy hidden for the sake of the body.

Trace back to inspired times, maybe there I'll find something to be someone

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