domingo, 6 de maio de 2007

Final Apocalypse

I see my kingdom, from the top tower of my castle, higher than the birds fly, side by side with the moon and the sun, with all the people bellow, foolish enough to believe that I'm a god, that I'm a saviour. I watch them as they go, down the street, smiling and unaware that the end for them is near. They can talk, they can hear, they just can't see me. They don't know that stars are going to fall down from the sky and hit them in their heads. My kingdom may come to be nothing more than ashes but for the final apocalypse, there is no ultimate sacrifice.
The people are fools, they don't see what I've choose for them. Forever they'll have life, nor in Heaven nor in Hell, they will have to be in a place where nothing more than empty air exists. They'll die, no one to survive, no one to cry, no one to hate or judge me. Never dethroned. Forever king in the kingdom of the final apocalypse.
I've choose their fate, I've let them die but they'll hunt me forever more, in the void where they'll live forever more. The tragic kingdom is coming to an end, thanks to the final apocalypse.

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