domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Along our pathway

Chapter one: I move as the blood circles my body. Insignificant schemes to take over my mind and soul, distractions from the normal day, the afternoon where I gaze the winter coming but I face it with no fear in me. No dark clouds to drive me away, no rain to wash over my tears, I'll find happiness in your arms, in your warmth, by the light of the fire, by your gentle lips when we kiss in the cold nights. You will lead me on, tell me lies and I will stay here, for you and for me.
Chapter two: Late December brings the awakening of the dead, we celebrate those who had fooled us then and continue to face us as fools now. Resurrected murderer, injustice brought by the hands of despair, for a change, for a fake peace to be used as an excuse for war. The air contaminated by their sins and still we lay down, our families long gone, our children long to be born. The doubts contaminate the truth of your thoughts but quietly I'll let you down to sleep, tomorrow we'll bring the snow and people shall see the truth that hides behind their reflection.
Chapter three: The delight in our smile to see the world crumble, all those years mistaken by an illusionist, we continue our journey, the world is just to big to be still and regret. Exploration caused by the grand desire of finding what as been long lost or what the human eye and truth cannot see. Forbidden realm, let us in your lust and complete trust, we shall not speak of the world outside. Unforgiving and unfair, grey as the volcanic snow that passes through my hands in this moment. My love, I will forgive thee, for thee shall cause me no more harm, I see the Summer now, the green pastures that I long awaited, our family and friends that we buried with our own hands, our children, happily playing with the flowers that bloom at the sound of music.
Chapter four: Cursed fate, you've forbidden us to ever see you again. We are blind to the ways of your people, we can only trust our animal instinct, our rational side was killed along with our emotion when we stepped on the boat and left to find home. Mourning the tears of another, we pass through a funeral where no one we knew had died and the world cried with us. We've left our anger fill our hearts, we've been nominated out-casters, today we failed with our own hands to drown even more into the Earth after he wake of our sorrows. We've been forgiven and lost, now we are blind and hopeless. For our kingdom not be, no blood is spilled and no castle is build, we seize to exist and let our lifes behind. Love, I have failed thee, forgive me for I cannot find that beauty in this world that you so much wanted me to see. Believe me when I say, I bury you with the most deep regret of loving you and yet not have died for what you believed. You have lived your life for me, I long for the next life to compensate and live for you.
Chapter five: I lost my existence, I wallow now in shame. Ethereal love of the one's who follow, you will see the passage to Summerland, you will write how you failed to live your fate. Find happiness in your simple life, regret not being still but to search for what has been in your side all your life. Lose all to find nothing, to not look at your past and see failure, seek the future and treasure it for what is lost was meant to be lost, what is to be found will be found in time, for you, by you, by anyone else but always written in the folklore stories which our ears listen but our hearts do not comprehend.
Chapter six: I mourn now again, not myself, not at my wake, but my life. The one I had and parted long ago. Will you take my soul or will just let me go? We'll meet in the next life, children of Summer, we'll long for the Fall to see our children tall, we'll conquer Winter and see ourselves even stronger and we'll find Spring attached to Summerland where my soul lingers, awaiting your divine touch again, Dana.

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xuguis disse...

gostei do texto, gostei da forma como o divides em capitulos. ´mas preocupa-me , em geral, que os teus textos sejam sempre ligados a uma permanente espera por alguem... quem se calhar tens de desistir... diz-me não é mais importante pensares e concentraste nos teus objectivos, neste caso no teu objectivo, na tua viagem? que pode passar a ser várias viagens...uma primeira de quinze dias a turismo,, e por ai adiante?

e não te esqueças, nunca que vai haver sempre existir gente a tua volta que não desiste de ti, e como é obvio, exige mais de ti!