sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Land of bliss

Something in the air that tells me that you need me, something vanishing, something looking for home. Eternal closure upon the little human that dreamt of something more, never to find the darkness to assure him of his path nor the light to blind him safely into ethereal bliss. A cold night to heal his severed heart, a warm day to bring him back, to realise that green pastures are a pathway to the real dream. Unfair the life of another that passes by, you reach out a hand but you're held back by your own luck, afraid to bring prejudice and sorrow to your youth. And endlessly you run, seeking the freedom of a butterfly in the treasonous night. You've became the prey, nothing more to say, a silence corrupted by the fear of being, of living, of seeing the light of day. Shall the wounds heal? Will the wolves cry? And the sky brakes in two upon the arrival of rain, announcing the unforgiving winter. Feel the cold rush through your veins, rationality turns into animal instinct, you hunt and still there you do not succeed.
Scarlet life of another betrayal. The arrival of rain brought a new chapter of life. Borrow the soul of another, steal another person's happiness, beg for mercy in the face of Dana in the Summerland, you belong to the folk songs in the villages where people chose life and wine before money and swines. The curves that you swallow, the shadows you endure, the fly of the crows that rewind and take control of the wind take your smile away. Why and why do you bring the rain and the storm, the blood and the sour hearts to an empty table? Try to content and live with yourself, if you can't take the vanity, end your life. Your blood-filled life can't take more of the cuts that you bring upon yourself, your words are lies told to the lord of flies that escaped from Hell to see you commit suicide. Dare not touch his weakness, you shall pay life with life, lie with lie, naked words of truth and freedom for your soul. And ignorance will hunt your life, you won't reach happiness, all your life a complete void, demons will see to it. Adamant will conquer and destroy, the snake on your shoulder and not in your arm, they choke the blood out of you. And realise, it's time for a flower to bloom when you meet your doom.
The body reaches land, the speech is weak and meaningless, the greed took him too far, only vultures and vampires attend his wake. A walk of life between his human life and his pact with Satan is remembered and rejoiced by those who are to bring his rotten soul to Hell. Like the sound of glass, the flowers fill the ground and bloom, blessed doom of another fool. The eerie circles above the water come in the colours of Summerland, a vanishing existence never was celebrated before but the fall of another tyrant is always something to celebrate. Drink the wine, souls of mortals. You lose all the control, you never wanted the power, be corrupted by it, you've seen it all before. And the shape of the Earth reminds you that this life is a circle, many other came before you and many will come, tyrants rising above the clouds to destroy, plunder. You've seen it all before, you learned your lesson without a tear or blood to shed. Curiosity is mere causality in this land, happiness is bliss and everything sacred is what cannot be stolen. No false security, nothing to fall to, no false feelings to be pronounced. In this land, the bliss is given freely at birth and complete happiness to all.

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