sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

The Heir still breathes

"All that is forgiven is forgotten, give time what time has to take and leave." - She cries tonight, on her way to another nightmare. Unsafe, unrelieved, violently brought back to reality. His smile hurts even more than his putrid smell, his greed, his anger. Her memories of that fateful night erased by the wounds caused by his smile.
In an hazy afternoon, her smile was real again, the grass was green, the skies blue and the sun was shining. In the summer of 1559, as she walked in the house, stepping those stairs down into the living room where her future husband would be announced. She was hopeful, until now only despite was in her head for their kind. She walked at a slow pace, almost day-dreaming. Smile of doubt, she was wondering if she could trust men again, find someone real, who would be by her side and comfort her without any other intentions in nights of trouble. Belonging to a treasonous destiny, in a treacherous path, her joy would soon turn sorrow.
Just around the corner, in a smooth twist of faith, she saw his eyes glowing, with a smile bigger than his honesty, her pain and fear flowing through her every nerve. She walked backwards, slowly, not believing what her eyes were seeing. She broke into tears as her father announced the marriage arranged with the one that took her life, innocence and will to live away. Into her knees she fell, the world went blind, no more sounds of the wind of birds happily singing. The worlds wouldn't come out, the terror, the panic, the sheer horror before her eyes, coming towards her, taking her in his arms and falsely trying to comfort her. The pain, she ran, into the kitchen, crying.
Quickly she grabbed knife and started to yell. She told the truth, exposed the past of her future to the present, quickly gave it to the world, without remorse. And as quickly his anger took over him and attacked her. In a slow movement that seemed to last forever, her innocence was back forever, the knife went trough his heart and he fell to the floor, proclaiming undying love for her beauty. And as of justice, maybe an messenger of such a foul way, she used the knife and cut herself in the neck, ending her pain and bringing back the bliss and innocence that the human dead in the floor had stolen from her in an unjustified and incompressible love.
And the story of the Heir ends here, he died with the one he loved and that gave him that title. His love thrown away in an error, in a dark night of loneliness. And she was so beautiful, he cared so much, everything, the world, her soul, poisoned and rotten, condemned to Hell. Their eternal love, for which they pledged in many lifes before this one, gone, forever. Plead to the Lord, save her soul, shall they meet again, for the purpose which they came to this Earth for? Now it all depends in a blind faith.

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