sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2007


Grey is the sky in the autumn when the leafs, brown and yellow, fall down from the trees into the ground where they fly away by the power of the whisper of the wind. It fills me when I look at such things. Makes my heart jump and my soul fly away from my body to another place just because I'm happy. Happy at last. I catch one of the leafs that are flying and I look at it as if it was more than a human being. But then I crush it. I crush it because I know that it won't last forever. Nothing does. Nothing except me. I make the leaf feel my anger. But I see the others flying around so I let it fly to. Fly freely because that's the way it should be. It should be forever more free. As free as I wish I could be. But I'm strained, strained to this life of horror for all eternity. But it's not my pain that we're talking about today. It's about that grey sky that lays over my head as I walk on the street. As grey as my soul, the sky fills the eyes of the people in the street. They're possessed. Nothing more to do but to walk in this streets of no remembering for eternity. They look at it as if it was a blasphemy, I look at it as something beautiful. Something that will remain forever more in my memory. Grey the sky above my head. It seems to fall, and I really hope that it crushes in the heads of the people in the street just for them to know what really matters in this life. It's not the rainbow that they imagine in their heads but the grey that is the real colour of the sky over our heads, that is our life, that is my soul. Grey

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