sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

Love sucks

Love sucks, don't tell otherwise just because you're happy. I'm not. I'm not laughing, I don't know with who I'm going to wake up tomorrow, if there will be anyone there and I don't know how to continue to say that it's better this way when the void inside me tells me I'm wrong. No matter now. Love sucks and it's predestined to hurt whoever tries to love. Love brings you down when you think that you're up and that there's no more falls. It tricks you to think that it will last forever when it's about to end. After all you'll be like me, empty inside and only with a small pain in your chest. It leaves you empty-handed and trying to cry for some future that you lost. Don't be a fool, be a stranger, a original way to lead with the ways of the pain inside you. Don't leave running and crying for there's no more hope for you then. Love sucks just to let you know.
Love sucks and has bring to me more experience in life but it's hard to get trough the nights knowing that there's no person that loves you that way. But now I'm as hard as a rock, no feelings getting out or in, just hate coming out, to you and to all that speak to me. Because love sucks and I've learned it the hard way.

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