segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2007


Taste the poison in my sting, let it flow to your blood and poison your mind, keep you blind and hopeless. Let it kill you, slowly. As your thoughts disappear, you feel light and warm inside. Let Death take you to another place, a place where you belong. Scorpius in your mind, controlling you by the poison injected in your veins, running free with your blood. See the dark-red blood on the floor, the blood that you've let it get loose. I'm your master, I'm your owner, I'm the one that guides you in the dark, when you're blind and you can see only my blood in front of you.
Let the poison go to your brain and tell you to taste a little more. Be addicted, be free, be wild, be me. come to me, feel my sting once again and be free, feel free to be high, to light, to be someone else that you've only dreamed in be. Go to the other side of life and tell me that you still like me. But I understand now that I'm better alone, by myself. Because now I don't have worries, I don't have pain and I can be my true self without having to lie to have a fake love.
Don't hide your tears when you come and ask me for more poison, cry so I feel better, feel more powerful and with the will to kill once more. Yes, I'm evil, I'm decadent but at least I got the one thing that you still don't have: I've passed the phase of crying for a lost love, I've moved on to a better place inside my mind. I will use my sting again, on someone else, but it will sting even harder so the victim knows how I really am, a thing that you still don't know.

A poison controlling you,
My sting appears to you in the dark,
Learn to be you,
And I won't leave a mark.

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