domingo, 1 de abril de 2007

Sin number 3

I'm gone. I'm missing. I've left home and I've left you. I miss the feeling of being free. That feeling made me think that I could fly. It was gone but now it's back. I'm now alone, in the street and you're alone too, but you're home, where you belong. I'm out the door to find somewhere I belong. Find someone that see's my face and runs to me. I just left and I'm already smiling like a full and all the sadness and pain has just left me.
It's hard to me to express how I feel right now. My shoulders are lined, no more rain clouds over my head, just the sun shinnig in my face. But you're all alone in that big house, empty and windy. Don't cry for me for that will not bring me back. Let me live and live your own life too. Get a shoulder to cry one and move on. Because I know that I did it. Finally, because the pain was just to big to stand. I had to leave and be free.
I don't know what may come on my way now that I'm alone, that I just left you. I don't what is my future now, if this is the right path, if this is our fate. I only know that I'm fine by myself and that I've sinned once more. Sinned against you and for you. Never more to see your face. Don't cry, don't cry anymore, I'm already gone and so's the ray of light that I made for you.
Someone has told you that I deserve all the pain in the world, someone said that he cares, someone has finnaly said that he exists. The one that really seaks for you. Don't miss, just move on, don't think, just act. Make love, live, make war, die. Let no sorrow hit you this time. Just let life get into your house.

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