terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Garden in words

[Introducing the sight]
I see wind blowing through grass in the ground and leafs on the trees. I'm mesmerized by such beauty, speechless, unable to explain why I'm blessed with such a vision. Even if temporary, let me absorb this world in my mind to save it  for the time that my eyes die and so that I can savour it then to keep the smile in my face. I see the dead brown leafs dance happily a valse of death in this theatre that will go on after I leave this place and find my place under the earth. I hope then to love and dance like those leafs that enlighten my day, unlike the days that pass me by.
Is it low merit to spend my day away with words in my blank page and not in my mouth? Is there someone to judge another human for the choices that he has made for his life, choices that affect him and bring pain to no-one else but him? I say, let him come forth so I may inflict pain in him with words, logic, fists and glades. Then let him try to judge again and notice the scars that I wrote and drew on him burning.
[Returning to the garden - presenting the enchanters]
Back to the garden, I cannot express better my admiration for this space. Even the sun shines of unspeakable power in this green creatures, worshipping them like the deity that has created them. This lifeful beings, seemingly dead, enchant with silent words the anthem of the Wood Nymph, loving protection of this eternal garden, spreading joy and growth in it's natural way. Under this Winter they live as if no harm could touch them or warmth could escape through their magical claws
[Expecting the Spring - leaving the garden]
Even now, so many days spent and closer to my death, they start to bloom as the clear sky announces the arrival of Spring. The wind still blows, life grows. Unexpectedly, or maybe even predicted, the garden blossoms in a perfect symbiosis of love and dedication. The Wood Nymph rejoices with this great work that brings words to this reserved mind and disappears into Summerland.

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