segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

Goodbye to a friend

Life's full of goodbyes and none of them is fair. You walk this earth with the certainty that you'll be here tomorrow, even in those rainy days when tomorrow seems to take longer to arrive. And in one moment all is gone, the world's black and your friends don't now what happened, what to say to you. Everything's not fine. When you feel tired, when you just want to rest, you may not wake up again. Hold on to my hand, don't ever let go, you're too important, too significant in my life. Don't shut your eyes, it's not your time yet. Don't give up, there's more to this life than what you have lived. So much more to explore, don't close your eyes.
You tyrant of life, sick of the same happening over and over again. Again, you leave me alone, forever, until the end of my existence. Alone we we're one, together we were strangers. Strange, this life. Once you had eternal words, now your mouth is shut and you are cold. Just lying there, as though you were sleeping. Dressed in black, we're ready for another day under these blue skies. For me it will continue to be the blue skies the limit. For you, confined to this coffin, the earth will be the leader of your limitations, the worms will feed of your flesh and all that will remain of you will be memories.
Even now, life goes through me but doesn't reach you. Hold out your hand, I'll take you to Summerland...

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