domingo, 18 de fevereiro de 2007

Memorial to a friend

Damn those thoughts and those ideas. Push them away and try to sleep for that is real. Our definitions of what's real or unreal, wrong or right, true or false is now corrupted like our life's. Give an idea of what to write and do it fast for I'm running out of time and all that will be left of me is my memory in your empty head. Ashes of time set me off from this place, take me to a place where I belong and where I finally fit. Say these words deep in the night when you can't sleep therefore you cannot dream. Though you want and wish it so hardly there's no way of you getting out of this nightmare called life. Wish you awake, wish alive, wish you asleep, wish your death. Accept it for it's the only thing that matters and the only thing that can set you off right now.
Ash to ash, dust to dust, fade to black - these are the words that I will say in your funneral for they are the only one's that say the truth and that mean what they seem to mean. Apearences ilude they say but what the eyes can't see our hears can listen. I'll whisper this to you in your mind while you see your movie of life.
They say that memory will keep us together but what will keep us alive while we remember?? Bring the photographs of our life for death has no place for life and memory. Set the pieces of the puzzle all mixed up in the table and start moving your feet like in war in the fields of death. Mars idea of fun, no doubt, but there are other ways of living and other ways of dieing. Mars is in your thoughts and he's telling you to shut me out for my mind is corrupted with the ways of the devil. Try to fight it, try to resist it but there's no way you can run from this nightmare.
Sail to the sea, drink some wine for your funneral has finished a long time ago and now, my friend, you can sleep never to wake again, never to remember again and never to dream again.

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