quinta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2007

The tale of the Land of the Free

Several days ago, several years have passed, as we roamed against the sea to find a new land, a land of peace, a land where we could find the things that made us rich, powerful and sad. As we fought bravely against the raging sea I saw the upcoming lightning. It stroke me as an arrow into my chest and I could finally fell the freedom running trough my veins.
Finally I was dead but I still wanted to feel the blood of the man that had done this to me so I continued to walk, badly and injured. I fought against the pain that I felt in my chest as I spoke and I felt it again when I had to kill the captain that was trying to take out of the ship.
Sad to say though that I for once thought that the impossible had been conquered and that this earth was mine for the taking. Once again I was wrong and with my mistake so came the pain and sorrow, for disaster never strikes alone. Always by my side, my friend, I seek for you and for your wise words to advice me of the course of my actions but once more I was betrayed. With your knife and your wood leg you pointed for my head and, with the rest of the crew, you pushed me away from the ship to the never ending sea. For once I've told you that I don't know where should I roam and where should I hide when the past actions would come back to hunt me and then you helped me but now you betray me with the words of the devil in your mind, killing and consuming you slowly.
In the water, have been thrown off the ship a lot time ago, I see in the distance a light. With black hair and blue eyes, I see a girl as beautiful as Venus herself. So to land I roamed, where I see her and where I believe I finally found my salvation. From the blue sea I appear to find you scared. In my strange way I introduce myself and hoping that you would understand my language. In polite and beautiful words you answer me introducing yourself.
For months we've lived together in harmony and I knew for sure that I've found my purpose in life. Once again I was wrong as I saw in the distance a ship where you, my friend, once had thrown me out and now waved at me. I knew that you were alone and afraid for all the crew had died short after I was thrown off the ship. You came to realise that I was the one that could save you from the words of the devil. I was going to reject you but she made me change my mind and say yes. I hoped from the deep of my heart that she saw my sacrifice of accepting you in the land of the free as a compromise but in time I came to realise that she accepted everyone for she was the ruler of the land and whoever landed there would be under her spell. Once again I was stroked by a lightning and then I realised what I should finally do: kill her. But I also knew what would happen to me when I killed her: I was going to thrown off the land once again so I decided to kill myself for the purpose of my life was to die.
So it happened in the land of the free, the ultimate sacrificed: we both were going to the real land of the free, the land of the people, my land.

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