quarta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2007

Wishes from above

Trapped in the void of my mind, seeking for a way out of this nightmare that is your love. All dark around me, no light in sight and I still have the little hope of escaping. There's no more ways of saying this or more easy tracks to sing to you while you're asleep: your love is like a spiders web, keeping me trapped and not letting me escape, taking all my life with just one kiss that takes me to the stars and back. How hard can it be to let you go when all the pain in my face is caused by you? How easy would it be if you just let me be myself and keep my sorrow in your arms, when you're laying in bed trying to sleep and dream with me.
Dump your bear in the trash and let me hug you like there's only one tomorrow and no more today. Take the midnight train back to your home, far away from my heart and from the wishes from the heaven, form revenges in your mind and sell your soul to the devil for just one more chance of love with me. Take the life from my body but you'll know that my soul will never rest in your lap and my wounds will never be healed by your hands. Take notes of all the things we said and what they meant for no more your tears will keep this flame of love alive.
From the deep of my heart these words fly like arrows, piercing my heart for your love as only brought pain and sorrow and made me look much older, and the sacrifices that I made for you were only the key to the gates of Hell when I finally rest and land on the lap of the Gods. Hold my hand as I fall from this earth to the deep of Hell into the hands of the Devil. While I watch my body on fire, I see you in the bloody-red water of Hell living the life of a sinner and then, just then, I realise that it's your life that has brought me into Hell and that you'll be with me once again. So once again and for the last time I make a sacrifice for you so you'll never see the red of the flames of Hell and you'll never suffer again.
You're in Heaven where Hell should be for once again my sacrifice was in vain and my head is empty just for you.

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