sexta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2007

The pit

Darkness is here, fight or die. Sinking in the pit of death and going nowhere with these thoughts. Love's a road to the pit and all the things you say and all the things you do can't matter any less. Sink now because in the darkness I wait you and so do your friends. Your friends, the demons, the one's that are with you when you're afraid in the dark, sensing that you're being watched. But you are, by them. They're protecting from the things that may take you away from the road to the pit. They protect though you think that they're bad and evil. Keep away those thoughts for here I am, in the deepest and darkest corner of your room watching you breathing hardly and not sleeping. Please don't, just don't. Don't turn on the light for you cannot see me, ever, and you cannot feel me as much as you want. Turn the road and die. Death in your dreams, devils hand on your shoulder, making sure that you're safe with him, and you're the one that he'll keep more safely for your soul is his blessing. Turn red from fright and turn deep from the pit and say that you're alone. Though they know that's wrong, the demons will always keep an eye on you making sure that you're safe and that you're soul is delivered to the devil. Rest now, just close your eyes and think about the things in life for you will only have them once. Sleep now that you know you're safe. Die now for it's your time to go to the pit. Love me, hate me, hit me, bleed for me, anyway that you like, anyway that you hate. Say that you love me though deep down you know it's not true. Sing that song that you have in your mind if that makes you sure that you will not fall upon my hands. Care to say to me goodbye? For the trip is long and though you will not be aware of it you will be thinking about what you missed for I once done that and now I deeply regret for all the things that I didn't said to you. Go to the pit and join me in the deep. Say that you're with me once more and that you can be sure that nothings forever except for death and for the pit. For whom do they march, when rain is falling and their bodies are in sacred hands? Screaming, even crying, there they march, there they fall and there they will know the meaning of life itself upon the lips of Death. March to the pit soldiers and say that you're alone.

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