sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2007


Something's wrong with world today. Something tells me that I should leave. All the pain in the world is concentrated in me, bringing me down. The will to leave the bed and face the world as left me. Only a scar in my face is being showed in the dark of my room. But in silence I wait for the pain in the world to leave and the will to leave bed to return. I'm just sitting in my bed feeling the cold run trough my my skin. I've felt this before and again I feel it. I'm used to it. But something deep inside is telling me to stay there, like a statue. Right now, I still hear that voice, the voice of my soul.
Something's terribly wrong with world now. Could be the hunger that devastates countries or is it only my reluctance to leave that bed that is overwhelming me? A pit is now in my head, taking my thoughts to a second plan and taking over my own actions. Right now, I stooped breathing but I'm still alive. All my life didn't passed in front of me as they say in the movies. I didn't saw the happy moments of my youth, or those sad moments where I stopped seeing my old friends. But I'm up now, writing in this computer and I can say that I'm melancholic right now, remembering my old times. Maybe that is Death but for now I wish to rest, run away from this world and be alone.
Something as got better in this world. I don't feel that pain again. I know that that pain as not stopped existing. I know that it has gone to another person. Right now, though I'm still melancholic, I can tell you that I feel more alive but still dead because I'm not with her. Now I'm wandering how she is, what she's doing, wondering if she still loves me or if she has find someone else. I need answers to the questions that I got but that is my person. I know one answer to a big question: If I still love her? Yes, I still love her and I think that I'll love her for a long time. But now I think what will she think when she sees this text.
Something exists inside me. A voice that controls me, a voice that talks to me, a voice that makes me question.

Something's wrong,
Something's right,
A new feeling,
a never-ending love.

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