quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2007

Sin number 2

From the deep of my conscience comes the will to struggle. Your will of struggle only represents the fear inside me that allows me to live until the end of the day. I've sinned once again, and I've liked it once again. I've killed you and you've lived again and now I've betrayed you and the truth behind the door that is behind me is much to powerful for you to acknowledge. I betray the sin that is our love with the love that barely feeds my soul and makes me have fear. To that once more I sin and I once more drink with my friends at the bar.
Tonight I must be dreaming for you are once more at my side in my bed that has the stench of betrayal. I look at you in the moonlight and your faith makes me cry. Just by believing in me once again, giving me the second chance that I needed made me feel so sour that I've left you and took a walk. I was the last person on whom you should have believed. But you did and that gives me the felling that you're not my love but my curse. You've followed me to every place that I've been and met my friends. You've even shook hands with the women that has made me betray you.
My feelings tonight are that I should be locked up, just for the sins that I've done in my youth and the sin that I'm doing to you right now. Forgive me now that I cry to this lost soul and to the feelings and have now reborn, like you, in me. Don't take me back to that day where I've made my first sin. You moved me just by laying there dead. Now you move me again just by standing in my bed, the bed of betrayal, the bed where you've been deceived and, though you know, you've been cursed and temporarily forgotten. But it's me, yes it's me that should have been forgotten because, as always, I'm the best forgotten. Feel the pain in my chest that you can't heal. Forbid me to betray you again for I've sin twice now...

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