sábado, 24 de março de 2007

Thank you

Thank you for making me believe. Thank you for the reality check. Thank you for all the things that you brought me in life. Thank you indeed, for I haven't been where I am today if it wasn't for your support and your help. You brought me life, you kept me alive when I wanted to die, you all mean something to me, one way or another. I think I should do what is best, but right now I don't know what is best. I'm here without her and my loneliness is filling me. I don't cry anymore for I've cried all my tears in the past. I've filled my body inside with scars, scars that will last forever. And so did my soul. My soul is also filled with scars and has no more space for anything else besides the love that you bring to me.
I slowly consumed all the pain that I could get from my life and, after five years of loneliness and emptiness inside, she has come. She has come to bring more joy to my life. She has changed me, she has scared me ans still she's in my heart controlling my love. She does control my love because all my love is for her. All that I feel and have inside is for her, the love unconditional that can only be stop and dethroned by Death. But right now she owns my love and I simply love her.
Thank you all for being here for me, hope that I'm to you a little part of what you're to me.

Thank you,
Butterfly of Chaos.

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