segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2007

Book of life

Lost in the words of the soul, I can't find the way to get out of this book of life, a drama that tells the same history over and over again, forcing us to go insane by reading and living it. It's a simple game that you play by living. I consider it a torture. But no matter. Another page turns, a new chapter begins but the characters are all the same, they do the same, nothing changes but the book itself in a slowly way. That is life but we don't know it. At least until now. You weren't meant to fly, you were born to be burn along with the book of life that contains your fate, your story, your legend. Because nothing that you can do will change your destiny. You were born to die and it's written.
No suicidal intents, no killing other humans, no sorrow in the eyes of little children, nothing at all is real. All is meant to burn and your mind only plays tricks on you so you imagine a better life, a choice, a freedom. But it's all a big lie because you were planed and you're doomed to suffer the curse of being old. Many are, you are not alone but the one's you love the most are the one's that will always leave you sooner. My demons will hunt you at night for all the time that I've spent thinking of you. But I'll make sure that you'll burn will the page of your life. You'll disappear, you'll cry tears of blood that will make your destiny explode, you'll seek my help and guidance but I won't be there by body, I'll be reading my own book in soul and laughing at the figures that you make, the sadness in your eyes, the tears that slowly froze in your face revealing your true power.
There's no secret, the book of life is closing at the rate of the sun burns your scull. Vain is to fight against the void that you feel in your heart, there's no news, you will love me to death and after because it's just a power to big for you to handle it alone. Save the letter that reveals this time that I know you feel happy so it won't burn in the fires of hell along with your body. Maybe I'll see you there. Until then the book of life continues to turning pages, twist fates and change chapters. Believe me when I say that yours will still give a lot more.

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