domingo, 29 de julho de 2007

Age of religion

Is there a colour on the horizon. Can I paint it gray? Is it a crime against humanity? You worship fake gods and then you come and criticise and judge other people thoughts or action. You're idiots. All fools that believe in something so you can feel better. You speak of salvation and life after death, you say that you can't and won't be material but even I am less material than you. You always seek to see the beautiful side of everything and now the world is pink and covered with flowers to you. I can't believe that there's something more powerful than me, that there's a salvation, that there's a Heaven or a Hell. I continue to say that nothing that you believe, worship and dedicate money and resources to exists. It's just a damn way to keep you hoping and dreaming of a better world than our without it even existing. You're fools.
There's a thought that comes to my mind when I think of what I used to believe: "Age of Innocence". I believed in all that was told to me, I didn't doubt it because I was too afraid to loose my way to Heaven. Just started thinking. I evolved, I wasn't created by some saviour, there's no one more powerful than me. I'm myself, equal to everyone else on Earth. Just a little bit smarter than the fools that believe in false gods or that war is the way to peace. It's the age of religion, when the fools think they rule the Earth.

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