sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2007

Dead love

A soldier fighting for his homeland in the territory of the forsaken. The idiots are the one's that go and never get back. They won't be missed. But this fighter has someone at home that awaits him to die. He's cursed by his own love. She loves him when she sees him bloody and almost dyeing. It's the dead love. Two doomed humans, wishing to be dead and alone, together forever while death slips everyday by their hands like little grains of sand. Never-existence comes back to hunt them to the end of the world. They'll wish to die but they'll live until there's a black home instead of a home land called Earth. Not letting them go, Death laughs at their fate. It becomes so awkward and deeply disturbing not to get older and to see their sons die.
They write themselves letters of blood, to remember forever of what they wished. Never getting the living and fire burning love, the fake love that humans possess. They write diaries of blood as a way to communicate with each other, other than telepathy. The silence behind them disturbed them the most, not the dead love that they have. They've walked trough enemy lines and came out alive. This curse is just to big and deep for them to get rid of. Disorder rules in their minds while they seem calm outside. They continue together even when they feel alone. They possess the hell on Earth when they wish that they were in Heaven. Sinful thoughts to those who believe in what the rest of the world believes. They believe in the bloody christ that has left them this terrible curse, like a revengeful god. They won't get up from the curse that will hunt them to the end of times. They will remember when they were free. Not together but alone and happy. Saved from the rest of the world, they'll love the dead and real love.

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