sábado, 28 de julho de 2007

My demon's smile

Woke up today, with you on my mind. Nothing else matters to me right now. Just the thought of you here with me, side by side, looking at each others eyes, telling each that we found the new and never-ending love of our life. but the truth is never easy and, in this case, it's difficult to be together but it's too damn hard to stop loving each other. I want to destroy the land that is between us, just so we can be together. Big is the distance between us but I feel that our love can touch each other. I can feel you in my heart, mind and soul. Can you feel me two?
Falling apart, down without love, just a soul with the destiny to die, you've found me, you've picked me up, you made this old soul be more alive than it was before. You've found me, you've cast a spell upon me with your beautiful smile. Now I'm yours and you're mine. Forever in each others heart, mind and souls. My demon I'll be alive for you. I will wait here for you, then take you in my arms, be forever with you, before the certain doom that shines upon our planet hits us, I'll try to save you, even if it means sacrificing myself. For you I will.
You're my thoughts, the one that tells me that it's secure to fall asleep to wake up again tomorrow. Just the thought of viewing your smile, gives me strength to get up in the morning. You've cleaned my mind of my sins, the unforgiven doom, it shines, it smiles, it's alive but won't hit us. What will be of us when everyone around us points the finger at us? We'll be stronger. We'll be together for we don't care about others words or ideas. We care about each other and that's all that we need. Forever alive to see my demon's smile. To see you.

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