domingo, 8 de julho de 2007

Walked away

Hello my friends, where are you right now? Hidden in the burning sun while fate awaits your move to realise the ending of man kind, destroying all that's wrong and evil, taking all that's new and pure to the land of paradise. Lost in myself, I write this sinful words to anyone that doesn't want to ear or help. They're for me, to remember my thoughts, my ideas, my sins and my feelings. This is the way that my trapped soul communicates with the outside, telling the body that it wants to be free, to fly into the unknown Universe. Yes I'm so damn blind that I can't see what other people feel, what other people think, if they're hurt or if they wish to communicate with me. Yes I've pushed away my friends, a quick and sudden pain now but a relief of what will happen in the close future. Because I'm trying to not care anymore to this world or to their life's. So what if I'm destroying mine, I never asked for someone to save me, never asked someone to care.
Someday I would like to the discover the real happiness, that moment when you can say that once in your life it was worth living. I'm moving on to that other place that really matters to me, leaving all this behind, something that I never cared for and that I never wished to happen. I never wished to be alive but know that I am I wish to die. And no one told that it would be easy to live, no one told me that I someday would be so torn, so broken into a thousand pieces that, when they came together, I would reveal my real self, the one you don't like. I can't forget the one in the past but I won't live to see her in the future. If she's still alive. But I won't cry for that, I won't cry for you, I only cry for myself, the only thing in this world that I love. I'll let my soul fly to the other part of the Universe far away from all of you. If I could tell her something I would tell her "I love you". In my time of death I'll wish her alive forever more but not to cry for something that no one wants, no matter how long we've knew each other, no matter we've liked each other once and no matter how wrong I may be.
I'll walk away from this pain, from this voices in my head, from her... forever more.

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