sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2007


All accepted the truth that they see trough their eyes but what it the real truth? Because everyone as their own vision, everyone's different no matter how much they think equally or look alike. The hate that fills my body will consume me until the day that I kill all of those who oppose me, realising my soul to the damned that are thirsty for my soul, the vampires that seek my veins to drink my blood one more time to make them more powerful than ever, forever more. I hope that someday soon I can kill all of you until there's only the one that has the power to make me have pity. Self-pity from my problems, leave me alone.
Do I have problems with my conscience? Do I have demons in my head? Do I have the devil inside me, making me mad, wanting me dead? No. I have myself plus one to remember the day that I decided to be true and not that fucking fake self that made me sick. It's that bomb that started to make noise in my head and that scared my soul, so damn close to the abyss that I enjoyed seeing that person-wannabe fall down and brake into a thousand or more pieces. So damn ways to change your life into something better than your own. Self pit came and saved me.
I hear music in my head. It means nothing to me. I stop the music. I listen to voices in my head. They're telling me to die, hanged on a rope, in the top of a building. I should have tried, I should have fight but now I'm left here alone to rotten the rots of the tree of my poison. Bring back myself from the deep corners of my soul, the one that lived more than ten million years ago, creating all seven universes, so he can destroy you all and take this Earth to the corner of shame of the Universe. Theory of a madman that is forever more lost in his own self-pity.
Blackhole of self-pity give me back my freedom.

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