sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2007

The thoughts of you

So where's the question now? Where's the sad looking face that corrupted my thoughts while we were swimming in that summer afternoon? Surely you haven't forgotten that time. We were together and we were happy that way, even if one of us knew that it wouldn't last. True may be that you don't want me or you to get our hurt of a relationship but tell me a relationship where one of the lovers doesn't get hurt. If there's such a thing, it wasn't made for neither of us. You may fight, you may give in but you'll always get hurt. Travel far away if you wish but I know that I'll be in your mind all the time. I don't know if it's love or only a wish to solve the puzzle that my personality is but somehow I'm always in your mind. One thing I can tell you: I won't forget that afternoon. But still I don't know what has burned me more, the sun or my doubts about your and my feelings. Could you tell me?
Now you don't talk to me, you're so far away. You don't answer my messages in the self-phone, with this I feel that I miss you and that I'm lonely. When I think of you, it looks like the world has died and it has left me alone to live without you. Not saying that I love you, that would be suicidal. Just saying that somehow you've touched me. Tell me your secrets and I'll feel more alike to tell you mine. They're destructive, I warn you. But you've told me mine and I think I've helped you in the water while you were reacting to that anger that has consumed your soul. My worries right now are if you're going to know this and, when you do, what is going to be your reaction? Are you going to push me away or closer? Because I liked to feel your body heat. The dreams of that day keep my fire burning for now. When will you extinguish it? I'll start to count the moons that pass trough my nights, the vampires in my dreams and my thoughts of you during the day. Is it going to be you to save me to myself or are you another one that thinks that I don't need to be saved, that this is just another passing phase? Let me think of you for now...

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