sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2007

Souls of Immortality - chapter two

You wake up in the middle of the night, while the stars still shine in the sky. The shine for you, they tell stories of your fathers, the battles they fought to survive and to leave you the legacy and the weigh upon your shoulders of continuing their story. You see a star moving, a movement that almost looks human. The mind surely plays tricks on you. You looks to the ground, leafs rising from the sand, healthy in the middle of nothing, a desert so big that can swallow every drop of water on Earth and still remain the same. But somehow you don't feel terrified with that thought. You kind of like it. You see a shadow moving far away, near the lights. You see your friends watching the outside of the field. You have a vision, tells you the future of your friends. And there's nothing you can do to change their fate.
You know you have to fight, you just don't know that you were born to live, to go insane and rule the world or just to remain in the shadows and spread you justice all over the world. With this on your mind, you go back to bed. You hope to dream with your love but instead you dream of vampires, demons and angels to control your fate. You wake up and you see the darkness around you. Somehow it comforts you. You feel in home, safe, as if the world could end now and you would be alive and well, but the thought of your love comes suddenly to your mind and the whole feeling of your home crushes down as if it was a bomb. You try to fall asleep but you notest the time so you get up and start doing your exercises. You run, trying hard to forget of the nightmares and the darkness. But the thought of your lover will never go away. It will hunt you forever, even after she's dead.
Another day in the field and your friends are growing more anxious. The have their guns in their hands but you despise yours. You've never liked it. Always preferred swords. but you got used to used that guns. What else where you going to do? You walk all the way in the field and stop at the a certain point. No reason. You just simply wanted to stop. You sit down and relax. You'll be alive for a long time, so why be alive while being up? Blasphemy. You get up an continue your march. You'll clean up the thoughts of all just to trade for the idea of blood. It will keep you alive. It will keep you yourself. You look to the sky and you see something painted grey. In the middle of the day? Unusual. Suddenly the bell rings... the War began...


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