quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2007

Actions corrupted

False intentions in the minds of humans. The will to kill over powers the will to do what's right. The Earth's end is coming but human kind is still trying to take the life away from the other beings of this doomed planet. The curse of the dead has once again took over the mind of humanity and now the unholy sin is about to begin. Murder in the streets, children with guns on their hands, the violence in the eyes of the angels, the pleasure of the demons. Sorrow in the eyes of the women that see their husbands leave home into the fields of Death, knowing that it's their fate to die and can't do anything about it. The men's, the one that will die, they cry at night, in the middle of the desert, thinking how they left their children and wifes. They'll die, in the fields of death.
In the sands of time, their bodies trapped, forever more the bones will remain in silence under the hundred marching feet, feet that march to war, death or glory. Who's the first to fall for their country? Blasphemy seen in the television, told by the supposed leaders that won't even battle in the field. If one should fight, he should fight for his own principals, for the one's that he loves, not for anything that comes out of those blasphemers. Saints are the one's that die for others, not the mythical creatures that people like to believe that exist.

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