domingo, 26 de agosto de 2007

Sanity's over

What's behind the haze,
What's the truth in the lie,
I seek the honour in my blaze,
As the future passes me by.

I see my hands dirty,
They're filled with blood,
While I struggle to keep my sanity,
I'm washed away by a flood.

An intense feeling comes,
It consumes me,
That intense feeling goes,
And I can barely breath and see.

Am I going to be forgotten,
By the sands of time?
Or am I going to be remembered,
In the books of the ages?

A serpent crawls inside,
In my heart rules the emptiness,
In my mind,
The rule is bitterness.

Sanity's over,
Hidden behind the leaves clover,
Vanished and forsaken,
Punished and forgotten.

3 comentários:

Rosa disse...

Do you know anyone that is actually sane? I don’t…

Rising Demon disse...

O António... excepto quando eu estou com ele XD

Rosa disse...

nesse caso tenho pena dele... alguma loucura faz sempre bem à vida XD

PS: pelos vistos és uma má influência XD