quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2007

Madman's words

I feel something in the air that fills my lungs, keeping my blood running trough my veins, keeping me alive. Some say that it's air, something essential to the humans and other kinds that live in this planet. This smell that fills my lungs exists, walks trough the night, it seeks for me, it wants to control me, get inside me and take me to another place. I've replaces all that I feel that is real and exists just for a life of wicked games. The sorrow that I've felt within is gone, replaced by the emptiness and void. The darkness around me is my friend and the demons in the corner are my followers. They seek help and guidance, I provide them with pain and suffering. They laugh at the sight of my image just because they know that it's and absolute nothing, a circle that will never be completed, a soul without a defined body. I'll be the mystery that hunts your thoughts at day and crashes your dreams at night. Build me up then downgrade me into a pile of worthless bones, something broken and torn. See trough the mirror this imitation of the boy I used to be, long time ago, in the happy days of our sick world.
Destroy everything that is real, happiness and sorrow, corruption and honest, lies and believes, piles of useless words that aren't good enough to describe the feelings of our head. Crash to the floor your religion, open your eyes into this dark and silent world, the demolished place that we used to call home. Set off and fly to outer space, find another planet to slowly destroy. Human race is the curse to itself. Our desire to upgrade and continue our expansion trough the Universe will end in the day that the sun won't shine anymore. Loving her to death of the star above us, the keeper of light and warm that burns my skin when it doesn't rain. Unforgiven life that has brought us here trough continents and years, centuries of story that nobody wants to know. A mystery I'll continue to be for everyone to see. This curse is the poison of our youth. Let us die. End the curse in the way that you wish, just hide me from this world. Shadows I seek when it's sun, the madman in the street dancing while it's raining. Scream madman, dance and die for the rain is here only to wash the little problems but it doesn't hide the real problem that lays in the sky.

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